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Write for us a unique way to get the huge popularity on a particular website. Formally, we work to promote the other website by submitting the unique and informative articles and some other things. We usually work for the health related website and gives best results to all of them.

What we want?

We are here because we want some guest contributor as a content writing that are interested to work for write some articles for write for us on the keywords of fitness, wellness, nutrition, holistic health, medical blog etc. Write for us always welcome the journalist, bloggers, students and other people who have abilities to write high quality and impressive types of contents on the health subjects. You have to write informative articles on every topic as we mainly focused on the educational purposes so every article should become easily readable and full of understanding.

Quick tips for our guest contributor

We believe that you properly understand that what we actually want from our guest contributor. You just need to follow these steps while preparing the article for write for us. Some guidelines are giving here: –

Minimum limit of words: – While preparing any article for write for us, you have to make every article for at least 1000 words. You should maintain this limit of words because you are not allowed to reduce the limit from 1000 words.

Give good looks to article: – If you want to make your every article impressive than you have to prepare your article in better format. Arrange lines in better form and use some bullet points to highlight the main points.

Every article must be informative: – Before preparing any articles for write for us then you has do some research on every individual topic. Collect the best level information and make every article very informative.

Every article should be original: – You have to make every article original. You are not allowed to copy-paste from any other website. Try not to add any plagiarism content in the article. Make every article unique and impressive.

One Meta description: – In every article, you have to give the Meta description for at least 160 characters along with the spaces. This description should become based on relevant topic.

Content must be unique: – We always want only those articles which are formed in a good manner, free from plagiarism contents and better format. Overall, it should become unique and not copied from other website check content copyscape tool.

Add 4 images: – Images works to gives full of details to every article and it also makes them attractive. So, whenever you made any article for write for us then you have to add at least four images in every article. Images must be relevant to the relevant topic.

Also add some videos: – If you feel any requirement of video in the article then please add at least one relevant video. Video will make your article detailed and easy to understand.

Just check before send the article: – Every article that you mail to us that should be checked from the copyscape tool. This tool will helps to find some plagiarism error from the article, if there is any exist in them.

Every article must free from adult content: We usually consider those articles that were suitable for every person. So, try to make safe your every article from the adult and obscene contents. It makes your article readable for every person.

Final words

If you are interested for working with the write for us then you have to follow those steps whatever are listed in this page and you have to give the maximum efforts while preparing any article for us. Try to use your entire abilities of better writing skills and make the impressive article. We assure you that, this step may become a life changer for you. So, don’t miss this chance and work for us today for your better future.

Now, don’t hesitate to contact us if you actually want to grow your future carrier opportunities with us. We wish you good luck.

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