Vaccination campaign against influenza reaches Its Climax this Friday (26)

Vaccination campaign against influenza reaches Its Climax this Friday

If your child is not yet immunized against the flu, be aware: the National Influenza Vaccination Campaign is due to end on Friday (26). 

“For those who have not yet protected themselves and did not vaccinate their children, we believe that it is ideal to use the vaccine until the end of the campaign,” announces the press office of the Ministry of Health. The national body still has no position on a possible extension of the vaccine campaign.

The immunization offered by the public network throughout the country is trivalent, which protects against the three subtypes of the most circulating influenza virus in the Southern Hemisphere: A / H1N1, A / H3N2 and influenza B. 

Notice – This year, the Ministry’s vaccination campaign began earlier on April 17, but the number of cases was much lower compared to the previous year.

In the private clinics, the vaccine should continue until the end of winter. “In the private network, the vaccination continues normally, but of course, the sooner the vaccine is taken, the better the cold has come and it is during the fall and winter months that the influenza virus circulates more robustly, before the cases begin to increase. Recalling that in the private network is the quadrivalent vaccine, that is, it immunizes against the three viruses of the trivalent, in addition to protecting against another influenza virus type B.

It is worth mentioning that prevention is very important and whoever took the vaccine last year should update the dose this year because the protection lasts for only one year and the virus is changeable. 

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