Tips for Long Lasting Makeup in Summer

Summer is known for melting many things from your favorite ice cream to your makeup. Girls can tolerate their ice cream melting but not their makeup. Sometimes melting ice cream also seems to be good but melting makeup never. We will give you some best and effective tips for long lasting makeup in summer. In summers no matter how much time you wasted on your makeup but stepping outside your all time and makeup gets wasted. In summers it becomes a challenge for your makeup stable for one whole day.

Don’t let makeup fades by using following our simple tips. You can’t stop or change summer season but with these tips you can definitely stop your makeup from flowing with sweat. Some women are afraid of doing makeup in summer as if their makeup feels them embarrassed in front of others. But after knowing these beauty tips you can comfortably go outside with your long lasting makeup.

Tips for Long Lasting Makeup in Summer


  • Starting your day with cleaning your face not only makes you fresh but also your makeup for full day.
  • Use soap or cleanser for washing face.
  • It will help to remove dirt, impurities, sweat or oil if it is already present in your face.
  • It is the starting or basic step of tips for long lasting makeup in summer.

Oil Free Foundation

  • Avoid use of creams as they will make you to look with more sweat.
  • Apply foundation which is oil free on your face before applying makeup.
  • Don’t use normal foundation they will make you sweat more especially in summers.
  • Use foundation with SPF formula.

Matte Lipsticks

  • Say no to lip glosses because they are stickier.
  • Try matte lipsticks especially in summer seasons.
  • Lipsticks make women more attractive so use good ones.

Not Much Concealer

  • Women who use concealer instead of foundation use concealer in small amount.
  • Conceal at those areas which gets left even after using foundation.
  • A concealer which is tinted will be better.

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Spray or Powder

  • When you completed your makeup use setting spray.
  • It is one of the tips for long lasting makeup in summer as it will gives you extra protection and prevents your makeup from flowing with sweat.
  • This tip will definitely work for making makeup long lasting.

Less Shiny or Natural

  • Use colors for your lip which are less shiny as dark colors not suits good for lips in summer.
  • You can also use lip liner which are not visible and show your natural lips color.
  • Choose lipstick which suits best for lip liner.

Blotting Paper

  • While going outside always take blotting paper with yourself.
  • As these papers are not heavy and takes all excess oil from your skin.


  • Always make your body hydrated by drinking a lot of water.
  • Water also helps in making your skin clean and removes impurities.

Now if you read this article you are aware of all tips which will help your makeup to remain long lasting even in hot summer days.

CONCLUSION: Mostly women are afraid of going to parties with makeup especially in summers as this hot season destroys their all makeup with sweat. If you follow some makeup long lasting tips you can easily go outside even in summers.


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