Teacher Adopts Student Who Made Her Think About Giving Up Teaching

Teacher Adopts Student Who Made Her Think About Giving Up Teaching

The boy’s younger brother also joined the family.

Professor Chelsea Haley was 23 years old when she started working for Teach For America, an NGO that works in colleges with little money to promote quality education. There he met the brothers Jerome and Jace Robinson, who lived in an extremely poor and distressed family.

While the elder was not disciplined, the youngest could not control the explosive behavior. There were many attempts at help until the other faculty at the school concluded that only Chelsea’s methodology could help them.

From there, he faced a long process in which he almost thought of giving up the profession as the challenge of instructing them. Fragile and aggressive, it was difficult to maintain control. But with affection and perseverance, the young woman was able to fulfill this mission in the 2 years that would remain in the institution.

The point is that by the end of this period she and Jerome had formed a strong bond. So intense, that the headmaster of the school suggested that she stay there so as not to forsake him.

Shortly after, a coincidence still happened. Chelsea dreamed that God would tell her that she should be Jerome’s mother, and right the next day he asked if she could live with her. It was what she needed to make a decision.

The next day she made a meeting with her brothers and relatives, who allowed her to become the custodian of the students and take them to live with her.

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