Myths and Truths about Desires During Pregnancy

Myths and Truths about Desires During Pregnancy

Celebrities like Luana Piovani and Sarah Oliveira reveal what their desires are during gestation and experts explain the “phenomenon

“I have a desire to eat mango! I need to eat or my son will be born with a mango face!”. Who has never heard such an exclamation from a pregnant woman? You can change the ‘mango’ for any other food that the pregnant woman wants to eat.

But after all, do women really have uncontrollable desires during pregnancy? To talk about it, the GNT website talked to the obstetrician and obstetrician  Heloisa Brudniewski and nutritionist Orion Araujo . Celebrities such as Luana Piovani and Sarah Oliveira join the team of pregnant women who have uncontrollable desires during pregnancy.

Some pregnant women crave for foods that were not in the habit of eating. This is what happened to the hostess of the ‘ Calada Noite ‘, Sarah Oliveira : “The other day I went to the supermarket and found myself buying miojo! I never eat miojo, I’m one of those who prefers vegetables and whole pasta … And ‘bati’ a happy miojo from nowhere! “. This is the second gestation of Sarah, who is already the mother of Chloé, two years. A habit that Sarah adopted in her first pregnancy has now reappeared : “I vomited in sparkling water when I was pregnant with Chloe. And now, on Monday, I also take it every day, it gives me some relief!” Since the actress Luana Piovani, who is pregnant with twins , confessed on his Instagram that is having only one desire: 

Understand what is myth and what is true about desires during pregnancy:

If the pregnant woman does not eat the food that is with desire, can the child be born with the “face” of the food?

MYTH. It’s just a desire, it does not influence anything in the baby’s training . Gynecologist and obstetrician Heloisa Brudniewski points out: “When a woman becomes pregnant, many people around her are giving opinions and suggestions about food, generating a lot of anxiety and confusion for the pregnant woman.  What is important is that the pregnant woman has a balanced diet .” Nutritionist Orion Araújo reinforces the need for a balanced diet and gives some tips: “Increasing water intake throughout the day is essential (the amount will be according to the color of the urine, which should be transparent).It is also important to fractionate the feeding (every 3 hours) to avoid hypotension and hypoglycemia; besides, the ideal is to combine in all the meals a food source of carbohydrate, of protein and of good fat “.

Can a woman feel craving for food that she does not consume and reject foods that were part of her eating routine?

TRUTH.  ” Progesterone is the hormone responsible for most of the gastric and intestinal changes that the pregnant woman has ,” said Dr. Heloisa Brudniewski, “in pregnancy, especially at the beginning, the level of progesterone increases the sense of smell. It is also common for pregnant women to complain of a bitter taste in the mouth, which can even lead to nausea and a change in the taste of food. stop eating foods that you like and start consuming others you never liked or ate. “

Nutritionist Orion Araujo points out: “Taste change occurs mainly in the second trimester of pregnancy. And at this stage one should be very careful because weight gain above normal increases the risk of developing gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia . “

Can the wishes of pregnant women have any specific reason?

TRUTH.  “In general, sporadic and varied desires for some foods are due to hormonal changes and changes in smell and taste. However, cases of craving for specific foods repeatedly may be linked to some nutritional and vitamin deficiency. the doctor is aware of the patients’ complaints, to look for possible nutritional deficiencies and to treat when necessary “, says Heloisa.

Can sickness be an explanation for food cravings?

TRUTH. Nutritionist Orion Araujo points out: ” First of all, it is important to remember that some pregnant women do not feel sick during pregnancy and there is nothing wrong with it. It is not a rule to be nauseated because each organism reacts in a way .” But for those who suffer from it, obstetrician Heloisa Brudniewski explains: “Nausea is also related to hormonal changes. High estrogen and progesterone levels alter taste and gastric emptying and can lead to constant nausea, especially at the beginning of the pregnancy. It is not nausea that leads to cravings, but nausea  can be improved with the ingestion of some foods, such as lemon, frozen drinks and ginger; and this leads the pregnant woman to look for these foods to improve the symptoms “.

Can “pissing” happen during pregnancy?

TRUTH . Dr. Heloisa explains some of the most common doubts: “Peckishness is defined as the excessive willingness to ingest strange and inappropriate food, such as earth, ice, brick, charcoal, chalk, etc … It appears more in childhood or in the gestational period and should not be treated as something funny, because in almost all cases it is associated with nutritional deficiencies or changes in the intestinal absorption of food, such as iron, zinc and other essential vitamins. it must replenish the necessary nutrients that are lacking in that period . “

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