How to Stimulate a Healthier Diet

How to Stimulate a Healthier Diet

It is very common for parents to fear that the child is not well fed, especially when it is still being presented to the food, and end up “supplementing” the lunch with a bottle or other food that “gives sustenance.” But so, it becomes difficult for your child to get used to eating …

Follow the timetable: CORRECT!

Those who do not eat when they are at the table soon are hungry and will look for something to pinch. It is healthy to have a snack in the morning and another in the afternoon, but breakfast, lunch and dinner are the main meals of the day and should not be substituted or skipped.

Serve drink with food: INCORRECT!

Hunger will go away if the stomach, which is the size of a closed fist when empty, is filled with fluid. It is best to leave the drink to the end of the meal, and give preference to the water, which has no calories.

Preparing Healthy Snacks: CORRECT!

If you want your child to get used to fruits and vegetables, they must be left at hand. Arrange carrot sticks and cucumber into little pots and cut fruit into chunks. It is a good way to accustom your child to consuming these foods.

Negotiate the dessert: INCORRECT!

Food is not currency. Nothing to “reward” good behaviors with sweets and goodies. Otherwise, your child will find that he is being punished when you insist to eat something he does not like.

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