How to Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes in 7 Days Naturally

Don’t like to look into mirror. The reason is your dark circles then don’t worry now you can simply get rid of them at home. You don’t need to waste money on any expensive cosmetic products. Dark circles are not only problem of women but it happens in men also. The causes of dark circles are taking stress, disturbed lifestyle and not getting complete sleep. Want to know how to reduce dark circles under eyes in 7 days naturally. Whether you are full of energy from inside but these dark circles makes you to look tired which makes a bad impression of yours. Excessive load of office work is also a reason of these.

You are thinking of these dark circles are easily seen to others. The reason for it is that this portion of eye is very thin and soft so any change in it can be easily noticed.

Major causes of dark circles:

  • Habit of rubbing around eye.
  • Smoking
  • Lack of iron content in body.
  • Taking stress is most common cause.

How to Reduce Dark Circles under Eyes in 7 Days Naturally

Grating potato

  • Take out the juice of cold potato by grating it.
  • Mix honey and lemon juice in potato juice and then apply this it in area affected by dark circle.
  • Wash it after half hour and this method gives instant benefit.
  • It is the best answer of how to reduce dark circles under eyes in 7 days naturally because it gives us instant results.

Oil of almond

  • Almond has lot of properties and one of them is useful in removing dark circles.
  • At night before going to bed apply some almond oil on dark circle area and then wash it in morning.
  • Sweet almond oil should be used for it not bitter.

Cucumber slices

  • Place some cucumber slices on your dark circles for about half hour.
  • These slices are also used for pimples removal.
  • Do it two times in a day for about 7 days.
  • If you want to know how to reduce dark circles under eyes in 7 days naturally use it.

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Coconut oil

  • Coconut oil is good for our skin because it contains a lot of antioxidants.
  • Massage your effected eye area with this oil before sleeping.
  • Do this massage daily for some days and it gives us healthy skin.

Rose water

  • Make some cotton balls by rolling cotton.
  • Put them in rose water for few minutes so that cotton will soak rose water.
  • Put these on affected area for about 14 minutes.
  • Do it daily for getting good results.

Carrot juice

  • Put some lemon juice drops in juice of carrot and then apply it on dark circle area.
  • This juice also helps in reducing dark circles.

We have told you some home natural remedies for reducing your dark circles in just 7 days. Now you don’t need to use any harmful cream.

CONCLUSION: There are various cream available in market for dark circles removal but these also causes damage to our skin around eyes and these are also very expensive.


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