How to Make Your Lips Soft and Pink Naturally in Just 10 Minutes

Lips reflect the beauty of women. A woman having more soft, pink and natural lips is considered to be more beautiful than someone who does not. Some women harms their lips knowingly and some unknowingly because some women smokes which had a very bad impact on their lips. Women do not smoke use artificial, harmful lip balm to make their lips soft. These cosmetics are making their lips temporary soft and pink but damaging permanently. If you are confused about how to make your lips soft and pink naturally in just 10 minutes without these cosmetics then no need to worry we will tell you.

If you are having good lips they also make your smile too good and create a good impression of you in front of others. The main causes of dark lips are taking more stress, smoking, excess make up on lips and use of bad quality cosmetics products. After knowing these natural ways you don’t need to buy these cheap qualities products anymore.

How to make your lips soft and pink naturally in just 10 minutes


  • Your every body part needs cleaning so lips also.
  • Clean your lips with soft tooth brush by moving it gently in circular way.
  • It improves the blood circulation and makes lips naturally pink.


  • Mostly in winter your lips become dry so apply Vaseline or coconut oil on them before sleeping.
  • It will make your lips soft.

Plenty of water

  • Drink plenty of water about 3 liters in a day.
  • It will not only make your lips soft but also keeps you healthy.
  • You can also eat watermelon, cucumber as they contains good amount of water.

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Aloe Vera gel

  • This gel has unlimited benefits and it can be easily taken out from Aloe Vera plant.
  • It is the best remedy of how to make your lips soft and pink naturally in just 10 minutes.
  • It also helps in removing dusts from lips.

Lemon with sugar crystal

  • Mix sugar crystal with lemon juice but remember that sugar should not be dissolved completely.
  • Massage with this mixture gently on your lips.
  • Then wash all dead cells with the help light warm water.

Lemon juice

  • Massaging with lemon juice also gives your lips pink color as it has vitamin C in it.
  • It also cleanses our lips and works as bleaching agent.


  • Rose acts as a moisturizer and cooler and converts the dark lips to pink lips.
  • Soaking petals of rose in milk for one hour and then make a paste of it and pour some honey and saffron to it.
  • Use this paste on your lips to get its amazing benefits.
  • This method suits our title how to make your lips soft and pink naturally in just 10 minutes and it is a natural method.

These above methods are much better than those expensive harmful cosmetics products and have no side effects and give you amazing benefits instantly.

CONCLUSION: Lips reflects the beauty of a woman and it should be handled with care as these are very soft and should be avoided from cheap cosmetic products.


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