How to Make Waterproof Kajal at Home

Is your makeup also incomplete without kajal and not want to buy harmful kajal from market. No need to buy it because we will tell you how to make waterproof kajal at home. This kajal recipe which we are going to tell you is not only waterproof but also natural and has no side effects. The kohl available in markets are not only expensive but causes many problems like irritation in eyes.  This kohl has no expiry time or date and is made with many beneficial things.

Every girl wants to make her eye beautiful which is only possible with the help of a good kajal. As eyes are the part which reflects a person personality and every girl wants to show her beauty with her eyes. If your kajal is not waterproof it not only fades your kajal but also your beauty.

How to Make Waterproof Kajal at Home

Kohl Made with Almonds

    • This kohl is made up of natural almonds at home and is very safe to use.
    • Take tow metallic stands and place them at some distance.
    • Place a plate over them.
    • Hold these almonds by placing a needle between them and burn them using candle or lighter but the almonds should not be damaged totally by overheating.
    • On heating almonds you will get soot and more almonds you heat more soot you will get.
    • Now collect all these soot and add few drops of almond oil until you get mixture like kohl consistency.
  • Approximately 3 drops of oil is sufficient for 9 almonds.
  • Things which you will need for this recipe are almonds, almond oil, needle, stand and candle.
  • It is the best recipe for how to make waterproof kajal at home because it is natural and made with beneficial almonds at home.

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Kohl Made with Castor Oil and Ghee

  • The things you will need for this kohl recipe are 2 bowls, plate, Deepak, castor oil and ghee.
  • Put two bowls by reversing them and place them at little distance away from each other.
  • Take a Deepak filled with castor oil and burn it and place it between those bowls.
  • Put a plate over these bowls and after some time soot will be collected at plate.
  • Hold this plate with the help of a cloth as it will be very hot.
  • Collect this soot and add few drops of ghee in it and your home made kohl are ready.

Benefits of This Kohl

  • It also makes your eyelash and eyebrow thick if you use best quality castor oil as it has vitamin E.
  • The ghee used in kohl removes impurities from eyes.
  • Ghee helps you to get rid of dark circles.

The above told two recipes of making kohl naturally at home and which consists of many beneficial ingredients like almonds, castor oil which contains vitamin E and ghee which removes dark circles and takes your stress away. The kohl available in markets is full of harmful chemicals. So now you don’t need to ask how to make waterproof kajal at home?

CONCLUSION: There is much kohl available in markets which have harmful chemicals and can cause much harm to your eyes so instead of buying harmful kohl you can easily make them at home.


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