How to Do Makeup in Summer for Oily Skin

Are you also struggling with oily skin and not able to makeup in summers as flowing sweat from your head makes you worse. Flowing sweat only looks good when it comes during our workout or in gym. After reading our article how to do makeup in summer for oily skin you can easily go outside or attend parties even in hot summer. So first of all you need to remember that you cannot change summer season or summer days. You have to change yourself or take more care of your oily skin with our simple ideas and your face will be sweat proof.

Suppose you are in a party with your friends and the sweat is coming from your face with your makeup it can make you feel so much embarrassing. So it is good to avoid this problem of sweating at home. People with oily skin need to give their skin more care than others and sweating makes their skin worse. Read it complete to know about

How to Do Makeup in Summer for Oily Skin

Use Sunscreen

  • Sunscreens are beneficial to people especially with sensitive skin.
  • These sunscreens also keep many harmful diseases away from you like skin cancer.
  • Apply sunscreen which is undiluted before applying makeup.
  • It gives your skin a protection layer also.

Blotting Paper

  • Makeup not only means applying a lot of cream or powder as it needs care also.
  • Use of blotting paper is a good idea.
  • It is the best method of how to do makeup in summer for oily skin because it absorbs oil of your skin and make it oil free.
  • Always carry these papers with your purse or bag while going outside.

No Powder

  • Many people have a myth that by applying powder they will not sweat.
  • But if also you use powder you are aware that powder makes us to sweat more.
  • Say no to this product which makes you to sweat more.

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Foundation Which Is Water Proof

  • When your makeup gets melted in hot summer it makes you to sweat.
  • Apply water proof foundation before applying makeup.
  • You can easily buy it from your nearby cosmetic shop.
  • To get rid of anything it is important to take it out from its depth.


  • Use cleanser or cleansing agent as it removes oil from your skin.
  • Use it in the morning to clean your skin.
  • It is the best answer for how to do makeup in summer for oily skin as it kills oil from its root.

Use Clay Masks

  • These clay masks also takes all oil from your skin and make it oil free.
  • Apply clay masks on your face on that day when you are at home or use it before going to bed.

The above tips are very useful for people with oily skin and tell them how to do makeup in summer for oily skin.

CONCLUSION: Doing makeup and make it to stay at your face in summers is a difficult task so we have given you some makeup tips for summer. This sweating problem is more in people with oily skin.


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