How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner on Top Lid for Beginners

Eyes are the areas from which you can see anyone’s heart or personality. Eyes also play an important role in making our looks and beauty. This is the reason why every woman spends so much time and money on their eyeliners as they enhances their beauty and looks. There are various eyeliners available in market like pencil, liquid. Mostly girls and women uses pencil eyeliner as they can handle them like pencil. In this article you will know about how to apply pencil eyeliner on top lid for beginners because it also need some practice and things you need to remember.

Pencil eyeliners are not so much difficult as liquid or gel eyeliners but for beginners it can be. So this article is especially helpful for those women who are beginners or don’t know much about how to apply eyeliners. In beginning your hands shakes because of fear as you are applying it near eyes which are sensitive part but with this article it can become much easy for you. These eye liners give your eyes a classic look if the lines drawn with them are proper. If you are beginner in using eye liners then we recommend you to start with pencil eyeliners as they are like pencil and some where you had a habit of handling pencils.

How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner on Top Lid for Beginners

Sharpens Pencil

  • While writing or drawing if your pencil gets dull you sharp it so that it will draw good.
  • The same is here with pencil eye liner if you sharp your eye liner it will make lines which are not thick and gives your eyes good look.
  • It is the beginning step for how to apply pencil eyeliner on top lid for beginners so always remember sharpening your pencil eye liner.

Give It Right Temperature

  • If you are feeling that your eye liner is hard then you can warm it by using hair dryer which makes it soft.
  • If your eye liner seems to be soft then make it cool.

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Upper Outer Corner

  • It is important to make a straight line with eye liner.
  • So if you want that line drawn by your liner should be straight then hold the lid of eyes from corner with your hands.
  • You can put your hand table so that it will not shake or remain stable.
  • This is a good step for knowing how to apply pencil eyeliner on top lid for beginners.

Starting Point

  • For drawing a straight line always start from center of eye lid.
  • Draw a line from center to outer of eye.
  • Then draw again line from center of lid to inner portion of eye.

If you are not perfect in using eye liner then read some tips which will make you perfect in applying eye liner within few days. For beginners it is good to start with pencil eye liner.

CONCLUSION: Women who have recently started applying eye liner and are not perfect should use pencil eye liner which is sharped properly.


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