With facial mask , Bruna Marquezine wins praise from Neymar

facial mask

Ah, love … Brumar does not get tired of praising himself on social networks

If in other moments of the relationship Bruna Marquezine and Neymar were very discreet in social networks, this time is behind! The Brumar couple does not tire of making statements on the Instagram, even at times that would not be very conducive to it.

On Tuesday (30), Bruna went to do an esthetic treatment at a clinic in Rio de Janeiro and shared her ~ look ~ with a mask of white hydration on her face. Although the actress seemed a bit grumpy in the click, Neymar did not stop praising her. In his Stories, he replaced his girlfriend’s photo and wrote, “You look beautiful, my love.”

Fluffy, eh? The same day left the interview of Bruna to the channel of friend Giovanna Ewbank on YouTube and in the video, the player sends another message to the beloved. “

Hi, my love, I wanted to send you a big kiss, to say that I’m dying of longing, wanting to see you. My best moment was now in Noronha, where I met you again. It was the best trip of my life, a unique moment, I think not only for me but for you too. I mean that you are very important to me, you are my joy, my peace, whenever I am with you I feel complete. I want to say that I love you very much and I’m dying of longing, “he said. Bruna, of course, was moved by the boy’s words and even cried!

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