Epidural Anesthesia : Know All About Medication At Delivery

Epidural Anesthesia

Does epidural anesthesia hurt? Is it better for normal delivery or cesarean delivery? Learn all about epidural anesthesia .

Along with the spinal cord, epidural anesthesia is indicated in cases of normal delivery and also in the cesarean section. However, it occurs with more incidence during normal delivery . This is because epidural medication removes pain from contractions, but the pregnant woman is able to maintain her movements, which helps at the time of delivery . That is, the epidural makes the woman insensitive to chest pain down, but allows her to remain fully conscious, eliminating the dreaded pain of labor . To better understand this type of anesthesia, we talk to gynecologists and obstetricians who will explain everything about epidural anesthesia . See below:

How is the epidural? It hurts? What is the size and thickness of the needle?

Do not worry, before inserting the needle between the vertebrae, the anesthesiologist applies a local anesthetic to the skin to decrease the discomfort of the puncture . “A lumbar puncture is performed with the pregnant woman sitting or lying on her side. The needle is inserted into the lower back and through a catheter the anesthetic is administered continuously or evenly, in small doses as needed. ” explains gynecologist and obstetrician Erica Mantelli. Dr. Flavia Lopes, an anesthesiologist at Salt Lake Hospital, adds: “The needle measures about 10cm, and is approximately 0.9” wide.

What is the difference between the epidural and the spinal cord?

As there is introduction of a catheter in the woman during the epidural anesthesia , with this modality the doctor can control the amount of the substance that is injected in the woman. The difference is that in the spinal dick a single dose occurs, while in the epidural the doctor controls the dosage according to the woman’s need throughout the delivery . “The amount of anesthetic used in the epidural is much greater than in the spinal cord because it is a more superficial anesthetic,” says Erica Mantelli.

Is epidural better suited for normal delivery or cesarean delivery?

” The epidural is the most indicated for normal delivery , because with the catheter passage and with the low doses of anesthetic the patient continues to have contractions but remains painless . It can last as long as necessary, from minutes to many hours of analgesia, “says the anesthesiologist at Salt Lake Hospital Flavia Lopes. In addition, with lack of sensitivity in the legs and the conscious woman, the doctor guides the pregnant woman during the normal delivery time to push the baby down.

” Both epidural and double-block are the most indicated anesthesias for normal delivery by offering comfort and safety for the mother and the baby during labor. Several scientific studies show that labor analgesia , when properly indicated by the medical team of an obstetrician and anesthesiologist, only brings benefits to both the mother and the baby. However, when combined with spinal anesthesia, it is also used for cesarean delivery , “says Ricardo Goldstein, an anesthesiologist at the Albert Einstein Hospital.

What are the side effects of epidural anesthesia ?

After administration of epidural anesthesia , blood pressure, nausea, and tremor may occur. “However, these side effects are rapid and vary according to the body and genetic history of each woman,” says obstetrician and obstetrician Márcio Coslovsky, medical director of Primordia Reproductive Medicine.

According to the doctor Érica Mantelli, headaches and backaches are also reported among postpartum patients . Other complications may occur if the anesthetic dose is too high and may lead to nausea, dizziness, numbness in the tongue, metallic taste in the mouth, shortness of breath, pressure drop and tinnitus. “he explains.

In sporadic cases, back pain is slow to pass: ” Pain in the spine can occur in a few cases and lasts for a few hours.In rare cases, up to a few weeks.This is due to rupture of a nerve fiber or hematoma at the site of the punction, leading to lower back pain or numbness, “justifies Erica.

What are the disadvantages of epidural?

The epidural anesthesia has analgesic effect and can cause muscle blockade. According to Flavia Lopes, the duration depends on the type and volume of local anesthetic given at birth . ” The pain usually happens because when the patient is anesthetized, she lies in a position and stays for a few hours in that unusual position. There is usually no pain due to anesthesia, but it is possible, although unlikely ,” she explains.

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