Did You Eat a Lot Of Salt? Get To Know 4 Tricks To Minimize Mischief

Eat a Lot Of Salt

Calm down, you still have time to make up for the damage. We teach!

It is common to catch ourselves controlling the amount of fat, sugar and calories we buy and consume – all for healthy eating . But what about sodium? Have you ever thought that he should be on the list as well?

Mineral present mainly in cooking salt and industrialized products, when consumed in excess, favors the appearance of both short – and long – term problems. “Exaggerating sodium causes swelling , heart arrhythmia, difficulty sleeping, hypertension and kidney failure,” says João Vicente da Silveira, a cardiologist at the Sírio Libanês Hospital in São Paulo.

That is, indulging in a portion of fried potato  chips or that frozen lasagna triggers a series of harmful reactions in the body that compromises from the night of sleep to the centimeters of the waist. But it is possible to minimize the effects of sodium-filled meals for you to ensure a restful night’s rest and still pass away from high blood pressure. Just follow the steps below.

1. Drink plenty of water

The fluid cleanses the body and expels excess of this mineral from the kidneys. In addition, hydration fights the swelling also caused by it.

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2. Go to the treadmill

Running a few miles will cause you to eliminate the sweat by sweat and get rid of all the symptoms it brings. Of breaking, you still burn several calories.

3. Eat a banana

The fruit is rich in potassium. You may even find that your primary function has to do with cramp prevention , but the truth is that it is a long way from being a one-trick magician. “The ingestion of potassium stimulates the elimination of sodium by the urine and, with this, favors the increase of vasodilation and blood circulation,” explains João Vicente.

4. Substitute salt for other seasonings

Instead of betting on cooking salt when preparing your recipes, toss leeks, rosemary, ginger, and mint. “These options, in addition to not causing all the complications triggered by the traditional seasoning, promote satiety, aid digestion, act as anti-inflammatory and detoxify the body, respectively,” the specialist says.

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