Cranberry Juice – An Antidote to Urinary Tract Infection or Not? The Speculative Analysis.

Cranberry Juice

Do you know the cranberry? This red berry is not so common, but it has been much studied in the last decade because of its supposed power to prevent and treat urinary infections. The benefit would be in a substance that would prevent bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall. Although some scientific studies have suggested a possible relationship between fruit juice consumption and improved infection patterns, more recent research shows that this is not true. 

“This cranberry story is a little disappointing. The first study on the subject is from 2007. It was not very well done but showed a decrease in infection chronic. Since then, there has been a fever of research to prove it. But they started to show conflicting results, “says Alex Meller, an urologist at UNIFESP. 

A large, well-designed study, produced at Yale University and published in late 2016, has revealed that cranberry does not have the benefits that made it famous.  

Yale’s study was done with 185 women. Half of them ingested two cranberry capsules a day and the other half received placebo. At the end of a year, the scientists concluded that cranberry was not able to prevent or cure episodes of urinary tract infection. That is, both the women who received the cranberry and those who did not received had the disease with the same frequency. “I tell patients that they cannot do it badly,” says Meller. “But the fact is that Yale’s work buried the cranberry juice,” the doctor says.

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