The Answers To The Most Researched Beauty Questions In 2017

Makeup Sponges

Learn All About Makeup Sponges, Fake Eyelashes, Party Makeup, Lipstick For Bulging Mouth and Eyebrow Fill.

Every year in December, Google releases a list of the most searched terms by users. The editor of beauty was not left out. This week, the company released what were the items most challenged by the people and we made sure to clarify all your doubts about each of these searches: (1)  makeup sponges, (2) false eyelashes, (3) party makeup (4 ) bulky mouth liner and (5)  eyebrow fill – which are in the top 10 most sought after site.

Come and see what COSMO said about these issues in 2017:

1. Makeup Sponges

Format:  Egg.

Specialty: Flexible and versatile application thanks to its wide base and conical tip. The structure of the sponge fills with water to ensure that the product stays on the surface instead of being wasted.

Format: Drop.

Specialty: It has no pores, ie: it will not waste any of the product. It does not absorb the entire product, so it just stays on the surface. In addition, because it is silicone, it is very easy to clean.

Format:  Flat and asymmetrical.

Specialty: Both shape and soft texture make this durable sponge ideal for loose and pressed powder makeup.

Format: Diamond.

Specialty: This sponge can help when making contours, mainly because of its geometric shape.

Format: Egg with a flat side.

Specialty: It features a precision tip for the base, a rounded side for dotted and a flat edge for the outlines.

2. False Eyelashes

Tips to Get Well With Fake Eyelashes:

The first step is to observe their: are they short, long, thin or bulky? Then just take a look at our tips and choose a pair to give a boost in your natural blink:

Basic Basics
Curve your hairs and pass your favorite eyelashes mask. Measure the false eyelashes in your eyes and cut off the outer corner to adjust the length. Apply a little glue to the root of the fakes, wait 15 seconds and then place them in the center of your eye. Then glue the ends together.

For starters
Fabiana Gomes, MAC’s senior makeup artist, is the team that glues the inserts under natural hairs. That’s right: it positions them underneath the eyelashes, right at the root. It seems difficult but a good dose of workout will leave your look naturally almond shaped like the muses that seem to circulate around without any makeup.

Just one detail
“Fills are a complement, and unless you want to shine on stage, naturalness is the secret,” says Lu Ramos, makeup artist at MG Hair Design, in São Paulo.

Size is document
“Eyelashes should never exceed the size of your eyes or touch your eyebrows,” says Rosman Braz, of the 1838 hall in São Paulo. Do not go beyond the concave line.

Half to Half
“Start by using fake eyelashes only in the outer corner. If you are going to cut the hairpieces in half, be careful: the length of hair should gradually increase from the inner corner to the end of the eyes, “says Fabiana.

Precision Surgical
“Nothing can be less professional than glued eyelashes far from the root. If you do not have experience, buy two pairs and train before, “says Sadi Consati of O Boticario.

Seven lives
“Reaproveite eyelashes that are used only by you.Limpe the pairs carefully with make-up remover after use,” says Fabiana Gomes.

“Narrow eyes and kids will not look bigger with big hairpieces,” Sadi warned. “Your gaze runs the risk of getting heavy and sad.”

Is there any trick to increase eyelashes?

Blogger  Huda Kattan  showed her technique for long eyelashes. To do the production you will only need three items: mascara, a spoolie (that mascara brush sold separately) and cotton, yes, cotton! Huda also uses a layer of conditioner for the eyelashes and admits that this is one of his passions, but is totally expendable to perform the technique.

3. Party Makeup

Five tips to shine with make at parties:

  • Make golden:

Gold is power! “Prepare the eyelid and mark the concave with brown shade. Then apply the gold in the inner corner and the top (blurred with brown), “says Kaka. Outlining the root of the upper and lower lashes with brown and passing black volume mask is mandatory. On lips, orange lipstick.

Hairstyle Suggestion
The frame of this impact make is an 80’s inspired hairstyle. “Pass a mousse ball on the wires, make a quick brush, and attach velcro bobbins. Then release with your fingers and finish with spray, “Marco teaches.

  • Make lavender:

Prefer to make a subtle impression? Bet on the elegant lavender tone. Apply shade of this color across the movable eyelid, escaping slightly toward the eyebrow, and use the same shade to delineate the outer corner of the lower root of the lashes. Then pass illuminator on the inner. Mouth nothing, to look fancy. “It’s worth applying a concealer to nullify the natural tone of the lips.” The diva look is ready in minutes.

Suggestion of hairstyle
On the dry threads, make the middle babyliss horizontal, taking care to leave the ends well rolled up. After the make, comb with a racket brush to mark the waves. Sophistication express: Create a side stripe and finish with spray.

  • Make green:

The precious make starts with the primer across the eyelid. Then from the inner corner to the middle of the eye, up and down, use pencils and mossy green shade on the outside corner with a little water to help dilute. The green glitter gives an extra shine. Finalize with lip gloss.

Hairstyle suggestion
Hair, ultrassexy: Apply a mousse ball, brush and place velcro bobbins. Then release with your fingers and spray.

  • Make blue:

This make is pop! On the eyelid, blue pool shade scattered across the surface (letting escape slightly above the concave and in the corner of the eye). Then make a medium dash with blue eyeliner. On the lips, lip balm.

Hairstyle Suggestion
The hairstyle is pure glamor. “Make medium babyliss with a ball of mousse, tips from the outside. There, separate a square at the top of the head and shred the root. A spray of dry shampoo lends support to the look inspired by Madonna’s tour, “says Marco. Ah! If there is a lack of volume, call for a tick-tok.

  • Make violet:

More fun than the traditional black olhão – and more mysterious! -, the smoky eye in shades of purple wins the scene. The concave and the bottom of the eyelid should be prepared with brown shade. The eggplant highlights green and light brown eyes. It is worth pulling the blurry, creating a kitten effect, and apply illuminator below the eyebrow to open the look. “The look holds a fuchsia mouth. In the center of the lips, use a lighter shimmering tone to give volume. The two colors blend together! “Says Kaka.

Hairstyle Suggestion
Want to boost your sex appeal? “Bring the wires to one side only by pulling on the neck, and fasten with two clamps. She’s not sexy! “Says Marco.

4. Lipstick to have a bulging mouth

What tips can enhance my lips and make them bulky?

  • Pure color

Apply the lipstick from the center to the ends of the mouth – not from side to side. Kiss a handkerchief by removing the excess, and then repeat the application for the color to become intense.

  • Matte cover

With a bevelled brush, wipe a thin layer of compact powder on your lips to reduce glare and create the effect.

  • Sexy blush

Fatima Thomas, MAC’s international makeup artist, teaches the trick to keep her mouth red: “Pass your finger on the lipstick (the ring has a softer touch) and lightly tap your lips. The effect is subtle, natural and killer! “

  • Volume

Want to shake your mouth? Apply a concealer on the cupid’s bow and on the sides of the lower lip. It will leave you with Jolie’s mouth!

5. Filling eyebrows

Which procedures fill eyebrow failures?

  • 3D Micropigmentation (Salon)

The subject is so serious that eyebrow designer Fátima Bahia of the Longevitá Clinic in Rio de Janeiro traveled to Berlin, Germany, last November to learn the technique that allows the eyebrow to thicken, change the shape or darken it. “The treatment has this name because the threads are drawn one by one and with several types of needle, so you can create hairs with different size, color and thickness and also make them overlap and appear to have a root,” he says. In order not to deliver the trick, Fatima says that before getting the needle and passing the numbing cream – yes, it is necessary, since it is still a tattoo – the specialist needs to analyze the movement of the muscles when the person speaks and makes expressions and the way the wire grows. Designer eyebrows Mariana Pedrosa, MG Hair Design, in São Paulo, also explains that the process uses softer colors (defined according to its type of melanin and skin tone) and corrects the defects millimetrically. On average, the result lasts one year, but in those who have oily skin or acid use the range is usually smaller. Investment: The two eyebrows are between 1,200 and 1 350 reais *.


How to do this trick at home?

Karrueche Tran  lavishes an eyebrow to envy. However, few know that she, in fact, does not have the eyebrows naturally perfect. To leave them in the way she likes, the model makes five foolproof steps that leave her with the look that we already know.

In an interview with COSMO America, Karrueche said that his eyebrows are the “definition of his face” and admitted that he does not feel the same without them. In addition, he also taught the five miracle steps. Check out!

  • Clean the eyebrows.
  • Comb the hair with a specific brush.
  • Make light and thin strokes on your eyebrow with a pencil the color of your hair.
  • Use powder to finish filling.
  • Outline the eyebrow with a bevelled brush and a little concealer.
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